Private/Primary Physical Therapy Treatmemt

Initiated after the initial primary assessment.

Treatment frequency is determined by chronicity and needs of the injury/condition. (Can be 1-3 times/week)

Treatment usually consists of biomechanical (hands on) treatment, modalities and exercise programs (regional, global and/or functional).

Treatment time is a half hour but can be up to 2 hours if multiple interventions are required. (ex. gym programs)

Funding may be private or through insurance sponsors.

Comprehnsive Rehabilitation Treatment

A Comprehensive rehabilitation program is typically recommended by a multidisciplinary assessment team for individuals who have had a long term disability and require more intensive therapy for full recovery.

Treatment is usually multi-hour and consists of biomechanical treatment, regional/global and functional conditioning, education and counselling if needed.

Program length is usually 4-8 weeks and frequency can be daily or 2-3 times/week dependant on the needs of the client.

Funding is typically through insurance sponsors.


The Humboldt Therapy Centre Gym is fully equipped with a wide range of weight lifting and cardio equipment. The gym is open to the public and has convenient hours of operation to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. Personal exercise programs are also available.